Snack video application banned in India

snack video app banned

    This is a big bad news for all Snack video users. So finally Snack Video Application has also been discontinued in India. Now you can unable to use Snack video application. Snack video application was a shot videos platform where small videos were made and published.

    Indian government had said this application to be banned or closed in India but not decided when to ban. But it has just been said in recent case that you will not be able to use this application in India.

    After the banning of Tiktok, this snake video application was running very well and many user were involved in it. And the Snack video application was very viral in India. Because this application was like tiktok app. But Indian government has banned this application. Because it was also a Chinese application.

    Indian government says no Indian people will use China's application in India. Just like you know what Chinese people are doing with India, so that people of India will not use any Chinese items. And there is another reason Chinese government collect a lot of facts from India through such type of app.

     If you are still using the snake video application in your mobile, then uninstall it quick because it will not work in India. When you open that Snack video application in your mobile, then there will be an error show and the application will not work properly. So you can install the application.

     If an application does not work properly then there is no benefit by installing it in mobile but it takes more space in mobile and also eliminates mobile charge.

What should be do ?

   Guys If you like making short videos, then you can use the application of India, inside India you will find many applications which is still available inside the Google Play Store. Like, Youtube shorts, MX Taka tok and more.

snack video app banned

How to Uninstall Snack video application ?

   first of all delete your snack account or logout  from the application. Then uninstall the application.

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