WhatsApp updates terms of service, privacy policy

WhatsApp updates termsof service, privacy policy

    Messaging  giant  WhatsApp  has updated  its  privacy  policy  and terms of service to better integrate with  other  products  and  services  offered by its parent company Facebook. The most prominent changes deal with how WhatsApp shares information with Facebook and its subsidiaries. 

      The  instant  messaging  app  can  now share phone numbers and transaction data with Facebook. The aim is to also promote safety.  “As  we’ve  previously  informed  in October 2020, as part of WhatsApp’s business  vision,  in  order  to  enable  users  and businesses  better,  we  are  updating  our terms  of  service  and  privacy  policy  as  we work to make WhatsApp a great way to get answers  or  help  from  a  business,”  said  a WhatsApp  spokesperson  on  Wednesday. 

      Privacy policy and terms updates are com-mon  in  the  tech  industry,  as  you  know. Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA.  Since  we  started  WhatsApp,  we have built our services with a set of strong privacy principles in mind.” 

       The privacy policy and terms come into effect  on  February  8.  Experts  said  this means that if a user won’t accept the new changes, they will lose access to the app or may not be able to use all the features. WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy and terms  of  service  provide  information  on how the app collects and handles user information. These include areas such as “trans-actions and payments data” and “location information”. There is also a section related to  data  on  “business  interactions”  taking place on the platform. WhatsApp currently shares certain categories of information with Facebook, like account  registration  information  (such  as your phone number), transaction data and service-related  information.  It  also  shares information on how users interact with others  (including  businesses)  when  using  its services,  mobile  device  information,  IP address.

        It may “include other information identified in the Privacy Policy section entitled  ‘Information  We  Collect’  or  obtained upon  notice  to  you  or  based  on  your  con-sent,” WhatsApp said. India  is  the  biggest  user  base  for  Face-book,  with  around  328  million  users,  and WhatsApp has 400 million users here, also the highest. TY Regarding  transactions  and  payments data,  if  people  use  WhatsApp’s  payments services or services meant for purchases or other   financial   transactions,   the   firm processes  additional  information  about them. This includes payment account and transaction  information.  This  includes information needed to complete the trans-action (for example, information about your payment  method,  shipping  details  and transaction amount). 

WhatsApp updates terms of service, privacy policy

       Regarding location information, WhatsApp  collects  and  uses  precise  location information from users’ devices with their permission. Even if users do not use location-related features, it uses IP addresses and other information like phone number  area  codes  to  estimate  their  general location. 

       We allow you to use our service sin connection with third-party services and Facebook  company  products.  If  you  use our services with such third party services or  Facebook  company  products,  we  may receive information about you from them,” WhatsApp said. For example, if people use the share but-ton on a news service with their WhatsApp contacts,  groups,  or  broadcast  lists  on  its services.

         Also  if  they  choose  to  access  the services through a mobile carrier’s or device provider’s   promotion   of   WhatsApp’s Services.  “Please  note  that  when  you  use third-party services or Facebook company products, their own terms and privacy policies will govern your use of those service sand products,” said WhatsApp

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